Nancy Newby is not an average mental health professional.  I came to her almost 3 years ago, pretty much broken in every way: addicted to relationships, drugs and alcohol. I spent the majority of my adult life trying to fix myself and pursued many avenues to achieve that. By the time I met Nancy I no longer believed in myself in any way. At the age of 32 I had resigned myself to living until I died; as an addict. Even when I tried to give up on the therapy process, give up on Nancy and give up on myself, Nancy was unwilling to give up on me: she believed in me when I physically and literally could not believe in myself.  And because of that I now live a free life: free of addiction and free of negative beliefs about myself. Today I believe in myself and in living a full, healthy, fun and wonderful life.  Although my therapist/client relationship with Nancy has ended, I credit her guidance as the beginning of my new life, which has literally rocketed to a whole new way of being in the world.


Rawlin J




Opening up emotionally for anyone can be a very difficult process; especially when exposing those things of a very sensitive nature.  In my experience with Nancy, she not only provides everything she can to create a safe, physical environment in which to work, she listens, senses and reacts with a rich sincerity, compassion and genuineness.  She’s the best!


Russell S

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